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Mireille Mathieu Greatest Hits 2008 16

here is a very nice selection of background music that i listen to when i am sitting at the computer. there are at least three of those songs that i absolutely love. in fact, they are on two of my mp3 player's,so i listen to them frequently.

Mireille Mathieu Greatest Hits 2008 16


i've got the song love from one of my mp3 players on this site. though i rarely listen to it myself, i love listening to the song when i am working and listening to something light. everything about this song is light and pure, so i think it is a perfect choice of background music.

the song on this page was taken from the album of the late swedish singer, songwriter, musician, and composer bjornn bengtsson. he wrote the songs "välkommen hem från paris", "min barndom var hård", "ett dött kärlek", "lilla världen", "vi möts igen", "de här stenarna", "sommarslottet",and "vår ö om du vill kyssa mig i strimlor. the song love is included on the album min barndom var hård.

on sunday, october 18, 2012, mireille mathieu died at age 75. her last song recorded was "adieu" in 1983. she had been retired for several years and reportedly still had time to sing. she had been engaged to henry dutilleux, a grandson of the composer claude dutilleux, from 2007 to 2009. she wrote several autobiographies. a documentary on her life was made in 1994.

the parisian newspaper, le figaro, reported that a fire on the sixth floor of the seine french where the french national assembly sits, has been extinguished. no one was hurt. the flames arose when the cleaning woman had her to use the microwave in the recently vacated offices of l'express, a daily.


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