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Half Nelson

Dan (Ryan Gosling) wakes up on the hardwood floor of his apartment in an open short-sleeved shirt and white jockey shorts. And then he somehow gets himself to work, dragging himself up the stairs like an escapee from a George Romero movie. He's wan and thin, and his bruised blue eyes look like they could roll back in his head at any minute. But once he gets started talking about the dialectics of power and world politics, he comes alive. Back in the teachers' lounge, or alone in his car, for lunch, he's halfway back to the realm of the undead again.

Half Nelson

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Dan does some bad things -- reckless, destructive and irresponsible things. But is he a bad guy? I don't think so. And neither do his students -- especially Drey (Shareeka Epps), the stoic and rather sullen student who finds her basketball coach half-unconscious on the floor of a school restroom after a game. She gets him a wet paper towel. He says he's sorry. Neither of them makes a big thing about it. Somehow, it brings them closer. "See you tomorrow," she says when he drops her off at home.

Don't believe your eyes at Half-Nelson Playground! This playground, cheekily named for being halfway down the block of the neighboring Nelson Avenue, is known for having optical illusion themed play equipment. The playground, renovated in 2009, also features spray showers, a basketball court, new landscaping, and stone wall terraces that were carved into the existing hillside to prevent erosion and beautify the natural grassy slope.

But who among us involved in education, involved in the lives of struggling kids, isn't in a half nelson, stuck between the ideal we're working for and the reality we're in? In the end, Half Nelson is an important cautionary tale, not a story of redemption, pushing us to see that Drey and her classmates everywhere deserve more.

In terms obvious half Nelson options, you can pin an opponent just by establishing the control. You can also use it to transition to a bunch of great position, like side control, the back and/or mount. Also, from standing, you can use the wrestling half-Nelson to wrap up an opponent and take them to the ground very easy.

Remember to give the wrestling half Nelson some time to work. Once you get the control and entries down, have fun and experiment with it. It is going to offer you a lot of options, regardless of the kind of grappling game you want to play.

Yesterday, I found a perfect example of what I'm talking about. In this video of Half Nelson, the cool jazz approach becomes apparent in the horns. Here's Warne Marsh (ts), Lee Konitz (as), Don Elliot (tp, mellophone), Billy Taylor (p), Mundell Lowe (g), Ed Safranski (b) and Ed Thigpen (d). They open with Lady Bird, with Elliot on trumpet. The second half is Half Nelson, when Elliot switches to mellphone.

I really fell hard for Blue Valentine and was shocked that Williams got in but not Gosling. It's a two-hander that got recognized for half of its genius. You can't even use the excuse that the voters didn't see the film; they clearly did. They just chose not to vote en masse for Gosling's turn. 041b061a72


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