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Download EasyCAP Video Capture Software Rar [TOP]

EasyCAP Driver is a file conversion software tool that converts the RCA or S-Video source to the USB video. It allows you to make recordings with audio-video capture devices on Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Download EasyCAP Video Capture Software rar

This license is commonly used for video games and it allows users to download and play the game for free. Basically, a product is offered Free to Play (Freemium) and the user can decide if he wants to pay the money (Premium) for additional features, services, virtual or physical goods that expand the functionality of the game. In some cases, ads may be show to the users.

This software is no longer available for the download. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for other reasons.

For updating drivers, there are several ways. You can go to device manger to update the easycap drivers. Use the hardware id to go to to find the model and then go to the official site to download the driver.

Thanks a lot for the tips I solved my problem with windows 10 and EasyCAP_USBVID_1B71& . I was looking for a solution during a long time. in fact I used to capture with the USB equipment from Magix but in my opinion the movie colours were a little grewish. easycap was much better (Brighter colours). I also met a problem using Easycap the software included in honestech TVR2.5 (included in the did not work so I changed it to Cyberlink power director and I obtained good résult. To summerize my solution is:easycapEasyCAP_USBVID_1B71&PID_3002_FullCD.zipWindows 10Cyberlink power directorVery good job here thanks again

I purchased the Easy Capture. My laptop would not run the mini disc that came with it. I downloaded the software through your site. It is asking me for my product key. Any ideas where to get that for the vhs to dvd application.

Which driver package from the list should I download to use in a windows 10 environment. The driver and software I received with my Easycap capture device, USB DVR Capture v 4.0A Model No:DC60-007 by honestech is totally useless. The software does not allow us to change the video aspect and as a result we end up with a picture that stretches from top to bottom of screen, but is only about 30cm wide when we try to playback on our bigscreen TV.

Husain Al-Badry, (or anyone else that could help!)I have used the driver you found and I now have no issues in the device manager. I have also downloaded and installed Expression Encoder 4, but I could do with some help. I have the Easycap plugged in, how do I get Encoder to recognise or display it? I have a VCR to connect to my Easycap and wish to save a video for later writing to a DVD

I have the software you mentioned (Easier Cap DC60-007 usbtv007) and while it does produce both video and audio without problems, there is still an issue with the picture aspect using this driver. There is no selection for 16.9 aspect and as a result I ended up with good audio, but a picture that while it was the correct hieght, but was only 30cm wide. If I change the aspect ratio, then it records audio only and will not record video. I have read from other sights that Easier Cap DC60-007 usbtv007 does not work correctly with anything above windows 2000. It also states within the help file that it is not compatible with Vista, Win7 or 8.

Hi, I have this system at home including the software, however with all the building alterations the sleeve of the disk was damaged and now I do not have the serial number for my software as I got a new PC and would like to install it. Is there anyway I can get the serial number without having to buy a whole new set of the easycap as I do not want 2 systems.

after many hours of searching i failed to get this to work but a friend help me out he sent me windows 8 drivers for dc60++ OEM Capture Usbtv007this driver works instantly just install and it comes with a software, just chose the Oem capture as the device in the software.already back up all my old VHS tapes.i want to help others so i upload the filelink:

I have had my EasyCap for several years (it began life under WinXP) I have run it on Vista, 7 and now on 10. The STK1160 works OK. I have never used the EasyCap to capture audio. Even when it works it has a poor dynamic range and lots of distortion. Much better to feed the audio into line in. You will probably need a twin RCA to 3.5mm stereo coax lead Remember to point your capture software to the correct audio input. My capture software is NCH Debut which is free for non-commercial use.

Hi VisserI lost my original CD but got my EzCap (SM_USB007) to work. However, none of my video editing software packages (Nero and Pinnacle Studio) are able to import/capture the input from the device. Any idea which free video editing software would do the job?

No threats were detected by Windows Defender (Windows 10) on that download and no threat from Metascan online (!/results/file/ee9b6b165f6d4f5290003b32721d2183/regular), looks like a false detection from your virus software.

AMCap is an easy-to-use image and video capture program, which lets you record the screen with a webcam. Designed and developed by Noel Danjou, the tool provides you with several advanced video settings and recording options. For instance, you can use the program to change the frame rate, compression, and output size. Additionally, the screen recorder lets you capture audio, and can even connect to third-party cameras. With AMCap download, you can try the demo version. Unfortunately, it comes with limited video settings and watermarks on images. Since it still offers image capture and video capture features, you could use the demo version before moving on to the full version of the software.

AMCap is a full-fledged screen recorder, which lets you capture and preview footage from camcorder devices and webcams. Since the program is compatible with Microsoft DirectShow, it can deliver high-quality recordings. These days, you can choose from a wide range of screen recording applications. However, in order to make a good choice, you always have to compromise between performance, ease of use, and price. AMCap is free, straightforward, and fast, which makes it one of the leading choices among video capture apps.

With the program, you can record images, audio, and video sources. Unlike Jing and Free Screen Recorder, it also offers analog TV tuner support. AMCap download works with various monitors, and can quickly compress the digital recordings to WMV or AVI format. As such, you can easily open the files on different versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Having said that, AMCap is a comprehensive video and image capture program with various recording and preview features. With support for MP4, MPEG-2, AVI, and WMV file formats, the program is a decent choice. Some of the important features in the app include digital zoom, real-time video compression, text enhancer, full-screen preview, crosshair, and more.

Pinnacle Dazzle DVD Recorder HD is another VHS capture device that has been around for a very long time. It comes with a high quality capture software and editor which allows for high quality DVDs to be made.

This instructable will tell you how to make your EasyCap DC60 work on a windows 7 PC. I am using this to make my computer work as a tv, but you could probably use it for skype and other things like that. It also works in windows movie maker, so you can capture clips and burn your tapes to dvd's. I use a piece of software that I found to let the easycap be a capture device, then I can treat it as a webcam.

You can use pretty much any video capture or webcam software, just find the device menu and select the EasyCap. It is called "USB2.0 Grabber," and if the program also wants you to give the audio device, that is something like "usb audio device." It might be slightly different, but it is something along those lines.

VisioForge Video Capture SDK is an intuitive component that allows users to easily enable their application for any kind of video capture and process capabilities. Users can play, capture, stream, and much more from TV Tuners, USB Capture devices, DV Camcorders, PCI Capture cards, and IP cameras too. The component is equipped with various useful feature resulting in better experience and application development. You can also download Automated Solutions ASComm.NET.

VisioForge Video Capture SDK a simple solution for developers to add capturing and streaming capabilities for video in their application. The component supports a wide range of video formats includes AVI, WMV, DV, MPEG, WebM, MP4, and also supports custom output formats including 3rd party ones. As with the Audio process, it supports Audio capture formats including WAV and Mp3. The application includes video and audio processing and effects including graphic overlay, text overlay, deinterlace, equalizer, TV tunning, framerate and much more. It also has supported input devices with capture devices and sound cards. You can also download Clever Database Comparer VCL.

Easycap is a special device that allows connecting a camera or a VCR to a computer. It is very useful for capturing analog audio/video signals. The easy cap also allows using a camera as a webcam. It can be connected by a USB 2.0 interface. With the help of easy capture software, we can do the smooth adjustment of image parameters. The greatest feature of easy_cap is that this can be used with a smartphone by the android app. This is a very useful tool for setting up a satellite dish antenna with a mobile app.

The Easycap or Video DVR USB 2.0 Video Adapter with Audio can capture High-quality video and audio files direct by USB 2.0 interface without a sound card. Send Video to your PC through the USB port and Record Video in DVD/VCD/MP3/4 format and save in hard drive watch Video on Desktop/Laptop Monitor Screen Support for all formats: record in DVD+ -R RW, DVD + -VR, and DVD-Video 041b061a72


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